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Cruise ships hull develops crack!


The Greek cruise ship Aquamarine (Louis Cruises) carrying more than 1,200 passengers and crew was ordered to make an emergency stop on the Aegean island of Milos after discovering a large crack in its hull, Greece’s Merchant Marine Ministry said.

The crack, which is above sea level, was discovered after the ship left the island of Crete for a cruise of the Aegean with 872 Greek and foreign passengers and about 400 crew, it said.

“The Greek-flagged ship had left the Cretan port of Heraklion at 11 (0800 GMT) when shortly afterwards the crew heard a loud noise and discovered a 1 metre-by 30 centimetre hole on the side of the vessel, about 2.5 metres above the water level,” a ministry official, who requested anonymity, told Reuters on Thursday.

He said all aboard were in good health.

“The weather is pretty good and the ship is only half an hour away from the island of Milos where passengers will be taken off and inspectors will look at the damage.”


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  1. first of all, the captain knew at the first moment what happened, and continous sailing, for 3 and a half hour untill he tell us what happened , when we stop at Milos bay, nobody ask us if we want to live the vessell.
    We were calm, but without information, only by loudspeakers told us to pick 100 euros, for what? for not going to Santorini? is that enough? We were 38 argentines passangers, you think that is enogh to return to Greece from our country for visit Santorini?. I was there and is the truth.(sorru about my english, I hope you will understand what I’m saying)-megstar

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