Sky Wonder 09:40 GMT 29/03/08 (Kusadasi Web Cam)

Sky Wonder has been re floated !

It is now anchored just to the right of this shot, I presume awaiting inspection or repair prior to




Sky Wonder cruisers arrive home

by Think Spain

Around 1,300 mainly Spanish and Portuguese tourists are back home after their cruise from Istanbul to Athens had to be aborted after the ship got irrevocably grounded in Kusadasi port last Tuesday.

It seems that the captain of the ‘Sky Wonder’ made a mistake as he was manoeuvring the elderly vessel towards the dock, and given that the ship’s reverse gear was not working and that the Turkish port’s tug boats were out of action, could do nothing to prevent her from slowly drifting on to a sand bank where she became stuck.

The passengers only agreed to abandon ship after receiving guarantees from the Pullmantour company that organised the cruise.

According to one of the passengers, Marta (26, from Madrid), “at the start they only offered us a 50% discount on our next cruise.”

A protest meeting was organised and the passengers – already fuming about not being kept informed about the situation – opened negotiations, eventually agreeing to accept not only a full refund (around €900 euros), but also the promised 50% discount.

Sky Wonder 0900hrs GMT 28/3/08 (Kusadasi Web Cam)

Sky Wonder still stuck just outside the Port of Kusadasi

Sky Wonder 0900hrs GMT 28/3/08

It looks like the tugs are having another go at re floating her. I don’t suppose any other ship will make it into port while the Sky Wonder remains stuck.

Screen Capture from Kusadasi Webcam 17.00 GMT 27/03/08

Sky Wonder

I know the Kusadasi web-cam can be temperamental so I thought post a screen shot

The image is a bit grainy but it shows the Sky wonder still aground in Kusadasi

Rescue Efforts Continue For Cruise Liner In Kusadasi

KUSADASI – Rescue efforts are underway to pull the cruise ship “Sky Wonder” to the Kusadasi sea port after the ship ran aground on Tuesday while approaching Kusadasi. Two tugboats are involved in the rescue operation.

Passengers aboard the ship are being carried in life boats to the Kusadasi sea port.

Sky Wonder will continue her trip after heavy winds calm down and it goes through repairs.

Sky Wonder

The ship has 1,200 passengers and a crew of 567 people.

Here’s a link to the Kusadasi Web Cam you can see the tugs in action

Web Cam

The Web Cam is getting a lot of hits and is sometimes slow to respond, best to just keep trying!

Passengers of cruise liner “Sky Wonder” evacuated in Turkey

 ANKARA, March 26  — Passengers of cruise liner “Sky Wonder” which ran aground at Setur Marina while docking Kusadasi port in western Turkey were evacuated on Wednesday, the semi-official Anatolia news agency reported. A total of 1,029 passengers were evacuated and brought to Kusadasi safely, according to the report.It said that “Sky Wonder” ran aground due to storm on Tuesday while approaching the Kusadasi port.     Local sources were quoted as saying that condition of the passengers, most of whom are Spanish citizens, is good, and 27passengers as well as 567 crew members rejected to leave the ship. Celal Oral, chairman of Kusadasi port, was quoted as saying that there is not any mechanical failure in the ship, and efforts to rescue the ship will start after required procedures are completed.

Cruise to the North Pole!

Quark Expeditions, world leader in polar adventure travel, has chartered the nuclear-powered icebreaker 50 Years of Victory for expeditions to the North Pole in 2008.


Twenty years in the making, Victory, the largest Arktika-class vessel ever built, has a spoon-shaped bow, and an all-new automated digital control system. A stainless steel ice belt 18 feet wide enables crushing through ice up to 9.2 feet thick. Two nuclear reactors produce 75,000 horsepower for a top speed of 21.4 knots in open water. Victory is equipped with a helicopter for aerial sightseeing and shore transfers.

Commissioned in 2007 as a working vessel, Victory has been newly outfitted as an expedition ship with ample public space: Aft Saloon, Forward Lounge, a bar and polar library. The Aft Saloon converts from a day-time presentation room to a place to socialize in the evening. A shop, gym, indoor pool, two saunas and massage services provide other diversions. There are 64 cabins in five categories, all with facilities en suite and a window that opens to an ocean view.

Only 128 people will be able to claim that they stood on top of the world during Victory’s maiden voyage to the North Pole. Compare that to the number of people who can say they were there when the Red Sox won the World Series or Italy won the World Cup! This rare opportunity for travelers can never be repeated. The maiden voyage runs from June 23 to July 8, 2008.

In addition to a champagne celebration on the ice at 90 degrees N, the expedition will include shore landings in Franz Josef Land. The archipelago is the most northerly land mass in Eurasia. The islands are a known habitat of polar bear, walrus and vast colonies of seabirds.

Quark Expeditions will operate two other expeditions to the North Pole aboard Victory in 2008: July 6 – 21 and July 19 – August 4. The July 19 – August 14 departure is 17 days in duration to accommodate a viewing of a total solar eclipse.