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Carnival Holiday sets off from Mobile but within hours passenger needs medevaced!

The “Holiday” in the news again I just hope this is unrelated to the norovirus outbreak on this ship!
by United State Coast Guard News Release
Coast Guard Evacuates Passenger

NEW ORLEANS- The Coast Guard medevaced a 79-year-old man suffering from abdominal pains from a cruise ship, today (Monday).

A watchstander at Coast Guard Sector Mobile received a call at 6:11 p.m. from the captain of the cruise ship, Holiday, reporting a passenger in need of immediate medical attention. The man had complained of stomach pains and reportedly couldn’t move.

The Coast Guard launched a rescue boat crew from Station Daulphine Island to assist. After bringing the man aboard, the rescue boat crew quickly and safely transported the man to Station Daulphine Island, where emergency medical personnel were waiting.

He was transported to the Mobile Infirmary West.

His condition is unknown at the time.


7 Responses

  1. That ship should have never went back out. There is NO WAY they could have sanitized that ship and had it ready for the passengers to board and leave out on Monday. They need to dock that infested ship and get everyone off and get that virus or whatever has infested that ship regardless of where it came from out of there have it inspected and then go from there. IT IS ONE BIG GERM floating in the water .

  2. As far as I am concerned they knew what they were doing when they let that ship load new passengers on board and set sail again. I do feel for the passengers on board now, but Carnival has not heard the last from the passengers that have just left the ship. I’m sure they have another set coming in on Friday that will fill the same way. There was NO WAY that two to three hours of cleaning sanitized that Floating Motel of Infestation that just set sail again! If it comes back in again the same way it left it needs to be shipped out to sea and sank!

  3. I was on the Holiday for the Jan. 24-28 excursion that has been referenced in many ways, including the Floating Motel of infestation. That is one of my favorites, so far. Out of eight people in our party, in three different rooms, two of which were on different floors, four people have come down with symptoms so far. I, at least for now, am symptom free.
    Some important things to remember here before everyone starts losing their minds.
    This was my eighth cruise and the third on the Holiday. This is the first time I have ever encountered something on this level.
    A little research can show that this could be something that was brought on board by passengers, or it could be something that was caused by mishandling and poor preparation of food.
    I was a little concerned that there was no formal notification to passengers that there was a potential problem brewing, even though by the first night of the cruise many passengers had symptoms, and by the second day the infirmary was full and a line was down the hallway.
    In fact, the only reason we knew there was a problem was because one in our party became violently ill and had to visit the infirmary. He has since recovered, thankfully. By the next morning his girlfriend had symptoms. On the day we left, two more in our party had symptoms.
    I think it could have been handled better, and there should have been notification. However, would that have just caused mass panic? Probably. People are about as bright as goldfish when you group them together and mass hysteria takes over.
    Of course, perhaps I am speaking out of turn, because I myself was not ill. Maybe I would feel differently had I been quarantined to my room, violently ill,and couldn’t get room service in a timely manner.
    Whatever happens, let this be a lesson to all of us to wash our hands frequently.
    It will not stop me from taking another trip on the Holiday, assuming the ship can survive all of the negative press and people blowing the problem out of proportion. And for all of you out there hoping you can get a free cruise out of this because you have a rumbly in your tumbly, grow up.

  4. We were on the boat from the 19th-24th… we had one member (a kid) of our party (25+/-) that got sick the last night. I do not know if anyone of the crew was notified, or if anyone else from that timeframe has complained. I do know that within days of returning, several other people all had it too. But perhaps the boat was not cleaned/sanitized well enough before the next group got on???? I know the boat left just a couple of hours after we docked. BTW…. I have to say all in all I did not dislike my experience, except for the awful smell I kept noticing in our hallway and in our room. I kept asking the steward, but nothing ever happened.

  5. Our group of 4 all ended up sick on our cruise which was Jan 24 – 29th, now what is concerning is I have read that the cruise that ended on the 24th had an outbreak as well, and then the ship left again only a few hours after we all got off the ship which had a huge outbreak. I would rather be told my cruise was cancelled then fall ill on a ship in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. I think the more I hear about this the angrier I get because this could have been controlled better if they were not just thinking about the money.
    This was my first cruise and my last. What sucks is I had to take more time off work due to my stomach, and the fact I have no energy at all.

  6. I was on the Navigator of the seas right next to Holiday…. they left to sail an with in mins they were back…. took off a sick passenger…. What happen?

  7. The passenger that was removed was my friend and roommate. In the wee hours on the 30th we both came down with the Noro Virus. We were too sick to make it to the Infirmary until about 6:00pm. I was given a shot and put in quarentine in my room and because of complications my friend was removed from the ship.She could write a book on her ordeal After I debarked on the 2nd of Feb I was hospitalized in Mobile for sever dehydration and C-Dif. We lived.

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