Another cruise ship in trouble in the Antarctic

A Norwegian cruise ship with more than 300 people on board struck an iceberg as it drifted in the waters of Antarctica after an engine failure, Argentine officials said today.
The MS Fram carrying 256 passengers and 70 crew members suffered a breakdown in its propulsion system on Friday, said marine police in the port of Ushuaia on the southern tip of Argentina.

“None of the passengers or crew were injured, there was no reported damage to the hull or spills, and there is no danger of sinking,” a spokesman added.

The ship “was carried into a wall of ice” after it suffered a two-hour blackout in the area known as Browns Buff, north of the Antarctic Peninsula.

The incident was earlier confirmed by the ship’s owner Hurtigruten, which said it had suffered “no major damage.”

Today, the Fram headed for Chile’s Eduardo Frei Antarctic base under its own steam for inspection and is slated to return to Ushuaia, some 3,580 kilometers south of Buenos Aires, arriving on Wednesday.

The Fram had set out on a Christmas Antarctic voyage and is among a record 30 cruise ships expected in the area during the southern summer.

The incident comes after a Liberian-registered cruise liner hit an iceberg in the freezing waters off Antarctica in November.

The Explorer sank after all its 154 passengers, crew members and other employees had been safely evacuated into lifeboats.


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  1. It’s cool that all these ships can be registered in places like Liberia that have no functioning central government, and no ability to apply safety standards to these cruiseships.

    But, I’m sure the companies look after all of that…..sure they do…..

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