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How does your cabin rate?

Cruisedeckplans.com http://www.cruisedeckplans.com continues to offer cruise agents and cruise lovers all the information they need to research, find and book the right stateroom. Now a new tool is available exclusively at cruisedeckplans.com to rate cruise cabins. Using this tool the visitor to the website can select from a list some of the characteristics of the cabin they have booked or are thinking of booking. When done, they will see how that cabin rates on a scale of 1 to 10. This tool is great. It causes the person using the tool to think like a cruise agent when choosing the best cabin location. For example, when choosing a cabin its important to look and see what is around the cabin. It is just like choosing a place to live. It is important to see what type of neighborhood the house is in. It is no different on a cruise ship. Cabin location can make or break the cruise experience.

Cruisedeckplans.com is also the only website that offers to pay cruisers money to use actual pictures of their cabins. At 50 cents a picture it’s a great deal, especially if the cruiser has the pictures already uploaded somewhere on the internet.

For those who want something even better, for a small fee, they can become a lifetime member of Cruisestateroom.com. Cruisestateroom.com has all the features of Cruisedeckplans.com plus it adds the actual pictures of cabins that have been submitted to the site. Nothing speaks like a picture and for those choosing what cabin they would like to book it really helps to see actual pictures of that cabin or similar cabins.

What is great about both these websites is that all the information needed to choose a cabin is in one place and in the same format for over 100 cruise ships. The website was built purposely to provide quick and easy access to deck plans and stateroom information. With just one click you choose a ship and then from one screen you can view all the decks on the ship, all the stateroom categories, ship stats and more. You can move your mouse over the deck plans and see what cabin category the rooms are. On Cruisestateroom.com you can click on the cabin and a window will open up showing more detail information about that cabin. The site is so quick and easy to use that many of those who decide to pay for membership are travel agents themselves.


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